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At Forget Me Not Funerals we want to do more than just arrange the Funeral for you. With a background in Health and Social Care and experience in supporting people in the community, especially with terminal illnesses, such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative illnesses, we would like to support you in the lead up, during and post bereavement. Every Funeral we arrange  comes with Bereavement Support, End of Life Planning and Ongoing Support.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Funeral Services

At Forget Me Not Funerals we recognise that funeral costs have risen dramatically over the last few years . One of our core values is transparency, therefore we will not make any profit on any third- party costs such as flowers, coffins, hearses etc. to help keep our prices fair whilst providing a high quality service.  We will listen to your wishes and help you to plan a funeral that will celebrate the life of the person who has died. We have designed 4 different packages for you to choose from

Of course, if none of these are quite what you are looking for, we can help you put together the perfect funeral for your loved one. 

Bereavement Support

Bereavement can affect people in many different ways, and it is important to remember there is no right or wrong way to deal with grief.

At Forget Me Not Funerals we believe that talking to someone is helpful when you are grieving and sometimes just sitting with others who are going through the same thing as you and enjoying a cup of tea can be helpful too.


Diane is always available to have a chat or just listen if you are going through a difficult time . She will be ready with a cup of tea and a friendly ear, or on the end of the telephone if you prefer.


We will also be running regular monthly coffee mornings at our premises in Tovil, Maidstone where anyone is welcome to come along  and share their experiences or simply enjoy a cup of something hot and a slice of cake.


End of Life Care Planning

If you or your loved one have been given a terminal diagnosis or you simply want it to be organised, we can assist you to complete an Advanced Care Plan.


This usually sets out what you want or don’t want during the end phase of your life, particularly at a time when you are no longer able to make decisions. It may specify treatments you do or don’t want to have or say whether or not you want to stay at home or be in hospital for example.


It can also contain details of your funeral and what you would like to happen if you wish. This can save a lot of heartache for your family.  People who have completed an advanced care plan and planned their own funeral,  have usually found that it has given them peace of mind and helped their families a great deal, saving difficult decisions at a particularly trying time.


Diane can visit you in your own home and go through the care plan with you and assist you to complete the form which should take between one to two hours. This can always be altered if you should change your mind at any time. She can explain to you the options available to you for a funeral  and help you to choose what suits you best pointing out the most cost- effective way to do it. 

Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.
On going support. 
After the Funeral has taken place, you can often feel isolated and lonely and grief can take over. People often don’t know what to say to you for fear of upsetting you and you can find that you don’t get invited to social gatherings as much as you used to. You may have been used to having carers come in and out of the house several times a day and now that has suddenly come to an end.


We want to make sure that you feel supported from the time we first meet you until you feel you no longer need us. Diane is always at the end of the telephone if you need to talk and you are always welcome to pop in for a chat and a cup of tea and a bit of company, and of course we will be holding our monthly coffee drop ins for anyone who wants to come in and meet others who may have been recently bereaved.