October Blog

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October Blog

This month I thought I would write a little about Direct Cremations as it seems they are becoming much more popular especially during the Pandemic.

What is a Direct Cremation?

This is where a person is cremated but there is no service and no mourners attend. The cremation itself often takes place early in the day. The Deceased is taken to the Crematorium in either a simple vehicle such as an estate car, or a hearse by the Funeral director and perhaps 2 bearers or one bearer and the Funeral director acting as a Bearer. They will take the Deceased into the Crematorium as usual with all respect and dignity given as they usually would if your family were present and lay the coffin on a Catafalque ( a raised wooden platform where the coffin rests) . They will bow to the Coffin and lead away, again treating the person with the respect due. The curtain will close, and the coffin will be taken behind the curtain to be cremated. When ready the Funeral Director will collect the Ashes and deliver them to your family or they can be scattered in the Crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance, whatever the wishes of the person and their Family are.

If your Family wish, a memorial, or a Celebration of Life can be held at a later date at another venue or at your Family home.

Some celebrities have decided on a Direct Cremation, for instance David Bowie, John Lennon, Karl Lagerfeld. Many people do not want to have the fuss of a traditional funeral, or perhaps there are family disputes, or the family would rather spend money on a party to say goodbye, or family and friends live abroad and are unable to attend.

A Direct or Simple Cremation is affordable, less fuss and easy to arrange. This means you can spend more time and more of your budget on a Celebration of the Life of your loved one and arrange a beautiful and meaningful ceremony at a later date.

If this is something that interests you and you would like to know more, please give us a call on 01622 963378 or visit our website at

Our Direct Cremations are below £1600

Warmest Wishes


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