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Since the last blog I have registered Forget Me Not with Dementia Friends, so we are on the way to becoming a Dementia Friendly Funeral Director’s. I watched the video on their website about some people who had been diagnosed with early onset Dementia, which seems even more devastating than having it when you are elderly. I also shared the video on twitter and our Facebook page. I am trying very hard to get to grips with Social Media – Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin – it’s all a bit of a learning curve for me, keeping up with it all on a daily basis and trying to think of things to say as well as writing this blog!

Our new leaflets arrived this morning so tomorrow we are going to drive around and drop some off in the local area. We want to meet some local people and explain who we are and what we are aiming to do. We do have a company to deliver some in bulk, but we want to have the personal touch too. We are hoping to get our ethos and values of Transparency, Dignity, Compassion and Empathy across to our potential clients.

Hopefully by the time the next blog comes around I will have some more exciting news for you. We are hoping to have a launch party – date to be announced on the website and on Social Media. (Coronavirus permitting)

Stay healthy everyone

Links to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are on the website – just click on the image and it should take you straight there.


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