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I can’t believe it has been a month since the last blog! Time does fly doesn’t it. We have been busy here working on the website to get it up and running and we are finalising our flyer so we can get our message out there. Almost done! I hope everyone has stayed safe during this awful weather, Storm Ciara just leaving us and now Storm Dennis on the way – lets hope this one is not so bad. Of course, we have also had the Coronavirus (Covid -19) in the news daily so the latest advice is to wash your hands frequently, cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, put used tissues in the bin. If you need more comprehensive advice, then look on the NHS website or

I have been thinking in the last few weeks about people with Dementia having to try and arrange a funeral after having lost their partner or a loved one. What a challenge that must be for them, especially if they have no other family. With this in mind I am determined that Forget Me Not Funerals will be a Dementia Friendly Funeral Directors. Of course, with our background in Health Care we do have experience with people with Dementia, so we just need to apply this to the Funeral World and make sure we guide people through in a positive and supportive way.

If you are a family member trying to explain a death in the family to someone suffering from Dementia, here are some suggestions:

Some Communication Tips:

· Be Patient, listen and speak slowly and gently

· Make eye Contact

· Repeat Yourself as many times as needed – Give time to respond

· Use Visual Prompts – such as photographs to assist with memories

If your relative is having difficulty understanding you could consider making a story book with pictures of a funeral , explain what happens at a funeral, include a photo of the person that has died. It’s something they can go back to and continually remind them.

Some useful links are ;

I am going to become a Dementia Friend and you can too by going to and following the instructions on the website.

Warmest wishes,


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