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So, how hot is it this month? ! I am suffering – I hope everyone is keeping themselves hydrated, drinking lots of cold drinks(not alcohol!) and staying out of the hottest part of the day where possible. I know a lot of people are missing their holidays abroad but with the weather we have been having who needs to go abroad? Hopefully, you have managed to get a break somewhere, even if it is camping in the back garden!

Our news here at Forget Me Not- we are still doing a lot of marketing; the radio advert has finished but we are still doing the weekly newspaper advert in the Kent Messenger so look out for us in there. We have been contacting care homes, retirement homes and churches to let them know about us and offering to talk to anyone who has been recently bereaved and has no one else to talk to. I have done some training in bereavement support and am happy to listen to anyone who is struggling with their grief and has no one to turn to . It has been difficult I know, during the current times, to find support, as services have been overwhelmed due to Covid-19 and the restrictions that has brought with it. Hopefully, we can be of some help to our local community.

Also, we have just begun to offer Funeral plans from Avalon a FPA registered Company with a very good background in Funeral Planning. As you may know, planning your funeral is becoming very popular as this allows you to arrange everything at today’s prices and gives you peace of mind for yourself and your family. When I have been carrying out End of Life Care in the past I know that this is an area where families are often caught out when unfortunately their relative passes away and they have no idea what they would have wanted in terms of their funeral. Often, they are not even aware of where or not they wanted to be buried or cremated. This can cause an enormous amount of stress and upset for family that is left behind and sometimes even lead to arguments between family members. Even if you don’t buy a Funeral plan it is a good idea to get some sort of ideas written down so everyone is aware of the person’s wishes.

Please ask us if you would like more information about Avalon Funeral Plans or if you would like one of our free Funeral Planning Guides.

Warmest Wishes


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