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Wow what a change since the last blog! Coronavirus has hit us all with a huge impact , some more than others. There are unfortunately a lot of grieving people out there who have not had a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones due to the restrictions we are now living under. Many have not even been able to attend their Funeral. My thoughts are with you all at this time.

It seems most people are following the Governments guidance of Social Distancing and staying at home where possible. There are of course always exceptions, but luckily these are in the minority. There have been some changes to the way Funerals are being conducted.

Registering of a Death can no longer be done in person, it should be done by telephone. If you go on the Maidstone Council website there is guidance on how to do this. Funeral directors have been added to the list of people who are allowed to Register a Death.

There are restrictions on how many people can attend a Funeral – this can vary depending on the Crematorium, so please check with your Funeral Director.

Many Funeral Directors’ are now only doing Direct Cremations and then offering to do a Memorial Service at a later date due to all the current restrictions as it is too difficult for Families to choose who can attend and who can’t and if a close family member has symptoms of coronavirus they are not allowed to attend. You can of course have your own private memorial at the time, just a simple family memorial that you can remember in the future.

Limousines are often not being allowed due to social distancing restrictions and the safety of both clients and staff.

Fresh flowers are difficult to come by as many florists and suppliers are closed.

Viewings are often not allowed again due to Social distancing and client and staff safety.

Most paperwork can now be completed digitally on- line and therefore does not have to be hand delivered to the crematorium.

Only one Dr is required to verify a death rather than the 2 normally required. Therefore, the fee is halved.

We have taken the decision to offer Direct Cremation’s only at this time and details are on our Covid -19 page. We are doing these at a special price of £1700 .

We understand that this can be very upsetting especially in the current situation. Please call us if you would like to discuss this with us or need some clarification about the restrictions around Funerals.

Our phone number is 01622 963378

Warmest Wishes and Stay Safe


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