Planning ahead for the future

Planning ahead for towards the end of your life can be daunting and difficult to do. Let's face it, nobody likes to think about death and dying. People often make plans looking towards the future, doing things like saving money to buy a property and planning to go on holiday. So, why do we not all plan ahead for when the time inevitably comes?

It is becoming more common for people to make plans relating to the end stages of their lives, for example in Advanced Care Planning, and in relation to making plans for their funeral. 

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We understand that some individuals wish to plan for their funeral prior to their passing. Perhaps you have specific requests for when the time does come. You may have specific choices of music to be played at your funeral. All details such as these will be contained within your funeral plan.

Funeral plans ultimately allow you to plan the type of funeral you want and most importantly, pay for it in advance. Planning for your funeral has many benefits, both in terms of protecting against rising costs of funerals and taking the stress away from your loved ones when the times comes. 


Prepaid funeral plans are an easy way to arrange and pay for the essential elements of your funeral, knowing that everything is already taken care of. By selecting a prepaid funeral plan, you can select key funeral arrangements from the type and style of coffin you would like to the type of transport you would like on the day.


Funeral plans can be purchased up front or can be paid in monthly instalments. When purchasing a prepaid funeral plan, you choose to fix key funeral costs at prices today, allowing you to plan for the day in advance. When the time comes, your loved ones are free from the stress of covering the full cost of your funeral.


Forget Me Not Funerals are proud to offer funeral plans via Avalon Funeral Plans. Avalon is a leading provider of Funeral Plans and has been established for over 25 years. They offer a range of funeral plans to suit you, from cremation only plans to their premium plans. A link to Avalon Funeral Plans can be found below.