The Forget Me Not Team


Diane is the Director of Forget Me Not Funerals. Diane has extensive experience in working within the health and social care sector and was previously a CQC Registered Manager of a domiciliary care provider in Kent. Diane has always had an avid interest in the funeral industry. After personally experiencing loss, Diane realised that there was a need for a funeral service to understand and have the knowledge of what families and friends are going through, not only during and after a loss, but beforehand too.

Diane is highly approachable, knowledgeable and caring in nature. She has completed training to work in the funeral service industry with Green Fuse Training, a highly reputable training provider for the sector. Diane enjoys supporting other people's needs, she is a current volunteer with the Heart of Kent Hospice as a Compassionate Neighbour.

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Lee began working at Forget Me Not Funerals at the beginning of 2021 amidst the COVID-19 crisis.


Lee has previously worked in the health and social care sector in several roles. Lee had his first-ever glimpse into the funeral service sector at a young age. He completed work experience in the West Midlands with a well-established Family Funeral Director, after seeing the way in which they'd dealt with tragic the death of his close relative. Lee's experiences at such a young age spurred him on to learn more about the funeral service industry. In the coming years Lee set about developing his understanding of death, dying, and the processes that follow. Lee joined the health and social care sector in 2013, initially within a residential setting, later moving into work within domiciliary care. Lee has a range of experiences and is very passionate about caring for other people - both in life and in death. 

Outside of work, Lee is committed to developing his knowledge. Lee enjoys studying, he has completed several courses in bereavement, counselling, along with "Understanding death and dying". Aside his interests in the industry, Lee has interests in human biology, psychology, volunteering and gardening.