About Us

Forget Me Not Funerals was created to bring transparency and holistic support to the funeral industry. With a background in health and social care we bring additional expertise to the ‘end of life’ process through the health and social care system, into funeral arrangements and wider ongoing support. 

With a combined experience of 35 years in health and social care supporting people both in residential care and community care we understand the process and experience a lot of family and friends have been through. Through this experience we have tailored Forget Me Not Funerals to offer a combination of funeral services and practical support and guidance. 



At Forget Me Not we are fully transparent- we have our charges on full view both in our Funeral  home and on our website. We do not add on charges or make a profit on goods we buy in on your behalf. When we first meet you to discuss your wishes, we will give you an estimate of costs and follow it up with an accurate invoice to meet your needs. You can choose what you want and what you don’t want, it’s up to you.



When someone comes into our care we have been entrusted to care for their body for their final journey and they deserve to be treated with the utmost Dignity. Their family members expect to see their loved one presented at their best and looked after as if they were the Funeral Director’s own family. They should be respected and treated to the best care.

At Forget Me Not Funerals our core values are:- 


Being kind, being gentle and respecting privacy and dignity even in death and remembering this  person is  someone’s loved one is how I believe we should behave. We will talk to them whilst washing them and dressing them. We will  close the curtains and  respect their privacy.  We will be gentle and kind whilst washing their hands and body  and speak to them throughout. This is what I believe we should be doing by being  compassionate.



Treating someone with empathy installs a degree of trust and  shows their family that they can trust you. Empathy shows a tangible increase in trust. To work in the Funeral Industry, we believe you must have Empathy and Compassion for the person you are caring for. You need to have a sense of understanding of what that person would have wanted, how they would have liked to be presented, how they lived their life. Showing empathy is essential.


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